The project is being run by ZWH (project management) with the “Elternnetzwerk NRW. Integration miteinander e.V.” (“Parents´ network North Rhine-Westphalia. Integration with one another” and the project "Lehrkräfte mit Zuwanderungsgeschichte NRW" ("Teachers with migration history North Rhine-Westphalia"):


ZWHThe Central Agency for Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Skilled Crafts (Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im Handwerk, ZWH) is a nationwide active service-providing institution. It is supported by all of the chambers of skilled crafts, the regional associations and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH). The ZWH is a contact partner for all issues relating to vocational education and further training for governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as educational institutions. The ZWH leads national and international education projects on public service missions.

“Elternnetzwerk NRW. Integration miteinander e.V. ”

“Elternnetzwerk NRW” is an alliance of parents’ associations and institutions of parents with a history of migration. They all share the goal of improving the educational situation for their children. By working voluntarily in networks, they pool resources and use them for their mutual plans.Among other things, the network supports parents, who want to learn more about education politics and pedagogical issues, and offers courses, events, conferences and training on relevant topics.

Project “Lehrkräfte mit Zuwanderungsgeschichte NRW”

The project “Lehrkräfte mit Zuwanderungsgeschichte NRW” was initiated in 2006 by the Ministry for School and Further Education in cooperation with the Integration Ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia. The objective of the project is to show that teachers with a migrant background can play a very important role in several respects for the education system.They are visible examples of successful educational advancement and can contribute systematically to breaking down institutional discrimination and symbolically represent a culture of welcoming and of recognition.